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'C Range'

FIREfog C-Range


Our C-Range is split into to two, Direct & Indirect due to the specifics of each. The system is tailored to suit the environment but fundamentally the design is very similar.


Typically the flexible detection / suppression tubing is place within the risk area. Dependent on the type of system required the matched agent to the risk will be delivered directly to the heart of the fire Direct or via plumbed diffusers Indirect flooding the risk area initiated by the tube bursting under conditions of a fire.


Due to the characteristics of our FIREfog system the design has been maintain to provide a standalone system requiring no electrical or mechanical source to support or activate, making it idea for protection where other standards cannot allow.


Within small environments we can employ a single charged flexible detection / suppression tubing DS Tube directly within the risk area removing the need for a cylinder or valve.



Indirect DS Tube


DS Tube