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'F Range'



FIREfog F-Range



Our F-Range is split into to two, ‘Local & Flood’ due to the specifics of each. The system is tailored to suit the environment but fundamentally the design is very similar.


• lF-Range Local

• fF-Range Flood


Our lF system employs a flexible detection and delivery system tubing. The tubing, which is pressurized, is placed within an area above potential fire hazards. Using our direct system design the extinguishant discharges into the protected area via the flexible tubing effectively suppressing the fire at the source locally to avoid further damage. We can provide our Indirect fF system which uses the same tubing layout but for detection only and the extinguishant discharges into the protected area via plumbed diffusers that are initiated by the tube bursting under conditions of a fire. For alternative environments our Full Flood Standalone Aerosol system can be employed to offer complete flood.

IF Range - Local Full flood ff Range - Flood

IF Range - Local

fF Range - Flood

Full Flood